As each bath tub has different measurements this can't be answered in detail. Generally it can be said that 2-10cm gain in hight is possible. The great advantage of waitoo is that the height is not fix. By simply moving waitoo the height of the overflow can be adjusted.

As there are plenty of different bath tub shapes waitoo. is designed as a universal-product which covers the most types. waitoo. can be used on bath tubs with overflow at the side as well as on bath tubs with spillover in front.

This is easy to check:

  1. The overflow dimensions can't exceed 8cm in diameter and 4cm in height.
  2. The contact area of the bath tub needs to be flat or slightly rounded to the inside. The roundness can easily be checked with a A4 paper sheet and a yardstick: On a distance of 21cm (with of the paper sheet) the gap mustn't be bigger than 1 cm. Otherwise the sealing function can be affected.


If the mounting is done correctly (see instructions) the bath tub can't overflow. waitoo. only relocates the spillover higher.

Before your first bath you need to check if it works properly.

100% leak tightness can't be reached. On one hand waitoo. has a foam structure inside which can be slightly filled with water, on the other hand it's possible that at the sealing position as small leakage occurs. This will not affect your bathing pleasure.

In this case, we recommend to loosen the two upper suction cups to be able to turn the turning knob. An other possibility is to use an universal drain plug with handle - available in almost any hardware store.

Check and clean the suction surface and the tub surface. Dirt and detergent residues can impair the suction. In addition, moistening the suction cups improve adhesion.
No, waitoo. is made of soft PU material.
Height: 19cm, Width: 19cm, Thickness: 6cm
At the moment waitoo. is only available in blue.
waitoo. is currently sold only online at Other dealers are published soon.
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