Would you like to sit deeper in your bath-tub and increase the water level in the simplest way?  More bath water - more bath fun! waitoo. is a new universal bathtub acessory made of PU foam and lifts the overflow of your tub. Fill your tub to the brim. waitoo. keeps the water level higher. The overflow is not locked, sealed or blocked. For the safety of a overflowing an opening is provided. waitoo. is no real cover over the overflow, it seals around the existing tub overflow and sets the overflow opening about 10cm higher. Benefit from a higher water level and enjoy your bath in a randfilled tub! waitoo. is a new bath accessory for more bath water in the tub and it can also be used in sitting baths or step-in tubs.

With waitoo you no longer need to seal with a towel or a hair tie your bathtub overflow. waitoo holds independently determined by suction cups on plastic or steel baths. waitoo - is a really good gift, especially for women who like to enjoy a nice bubble bath. It fits easily on all common overflow plates.

With waitoo you do not need a special overflow or other plugs. In addition, you don't have to change your inlet and, the great advantage is waitoo can also subsequently to existing bathtubs, eg in rented apartments where nothing may be changed, be attached. waitoo. is simply used as overflow cover over the existing knob from the tub overflow. No more cold knees during your bath :-)

The winter and the cold season are coming soon - now grab a waitoo. as a perfect Christmas gift, as a birth day gift or just for you alone. Enjoy your deep water bath with the waitoo bath tub overflow cover in a completely filled bathtub.

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